Shade Black Easy Clean Rug



160 cm x 230 cm

Composition:  57% PES, 43% CO

Weight: 1 000 g/m² ± 5%

Manufacturing process : jacquard flatweave

It takes approximately 14 days for your rug to be delivered. 

Easy Clean collection is created with the advanced protection system, which makes easier to remove stains, without damaging the unique structure of material. It is true that in three easy steps you can remove nearly all types of stains. It takes just water and paper towel or, in case of difficult stains, microfibre and soap to completely clean your carpet.


This rug has Easy Clean technology and is water repellent.  

How to clean in 3 easy steps:

- LIQUID STAINS: coffee, tea, juice etc

1. In case of liquid stains use a paper towel to drain off the drops

2. Sprinkle the remains of the stain with water and drain it with a paper towel.

3.  Leave for drying

STICKY STAINS: ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt, sauces etc. In case of sticky stains remove it with a spoon. Sprinkle the remains with water and drain it with a paper towel. Leave for drying. In case of problematic stains, repeat treating the stain with water, then wipe with a microfibre cloth using pure soap until the stain is removed completely. Leave the carpet to dry.

This sofa can be delivered within approximately 14 days. 

We offer free delivery to your door or with instalation.

All products come with one year warranty, this does not include physical damage. Before the purchase we kindly ask you to measure the area where the furniture will be setup as well as the access to the desired room.  

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